Microwaves that open from the top

This would be best for microwaves that sit on a table


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    qmkiley ( Idea Submitter )

    Most microwaves are mounted underneath a cabinet, so there wouldn't be a market for these.

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    Community Member

    I do not like this idea since your have to reach in over the top and it would be hard on my back to use this type of microwave.

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    Charlie Pritzl

    It would be tough trying to keep things from spilling with this design, especially for short people.

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    Debbie Spagnoletti

    1. Short people would have a tough time using this.

    2. I don't want my microwave on a table.

    3. This wouldn't work for people with built-in microwaves.

    4. There are already microwave drawers available, which is a much better option because they can be built in and they don't require table space.

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